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Monday, June 8, 2009 | 9:28 am - GRIMREAPER[3]

Hi Assassins

Recently we have launched the NV Credits system. This is a great way for our donors and non donors to take advantage of our donor store.

All you have to do is click on the above link and go fill in all of the offers that apply to you. You will be credited your NV Credits but please remember some of them are not instant and take time to process.

Once you have done this it does take a little bit of time to be credited the credits some longer than others but you will be credited.

If you have any problems you can go to My Offers and click the one that there is an issue with and file a complaint usually gets dealt with pretty fast. To file the complaint.go to the top right of the offer and click on problem, it will then take you through and issue you a trouble ticket.

Some of the more popular surveys that have been completed are:

Family guy survey
Digsby download
Love Subway ? Get 100 Sandwiches
Watch Dog (Over 18s)
Whopper or Big Mac survey
Get your 3 credit scores and 3 reports free
Get $100 usd gift cards for free
Zong Charge

Check these ones out and do not miss out on this chance to get your free NV Credits that then lead to you going to our donor store CA Donor Store and using your credits to purchase our in game packages. ( Currently we are working on adding the Credits section to the donor store, this will be up soon)

So for now Assassins fill in as many surveys as you possibly can and save up your NV Credits to buy as many donor packs as you can with the credits as soon as we launch the section to buy in the donor store.

Get cracking Assassins and build your character best you can.