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Massive Contracted Assassin Updates
Friday, June 26, 2009 | 9:17 pm - GRIMREAPER[3]

Hi Assassins

As you may all have noticed CA has recently went through a massive change. All of the links and buttons have now been re named to give it a better feel to the game. New houses, jobs, courses and crimes have all been added in.

There is now new sections in the cities also like Raid a rival Guild- where you can search daily for small amounts of money points and items.

Under the Casino Area we have also added


These games can be played by all while enjoying your gaming time in Contracted Assassin.

Drive by text now changed to the correct text :)

You can now view who has been naughty inside Contracted Assassin also by clicking Assassins Jailed.

Help Section -Tutorial - FAQ -Game Rules and Report Abuse all updated and fully working.

You will also notice that the Gangs are now Assassin Guilds, this is to give it a better feel to the Assassin Theme.

The shout box is now Nvinium Global chat. Meaning it is now linked to UnforgivenWar, World War 2 and soon to be linked to Mafia Chaos for even more game interaction. You can chat to your friends across all 4 games.

We also have the NV Credits system. By clicking on this link and completing the surveys that apply to you, you can earn NV Credits which can be used in our Donor Store to buy packages. So now even non donators can actually donate for in game benefits and help the game grow.

Please remember Assassin Refer as many of your friends family and fellow gamer to CA as you can to help the community grow. You referral link can be found at CA Referrals. This earns you 25 free points for each person you bring into the game.

The CA Team